Bug’s Train Quilt

My son Eli, who I call Bug, is 2 years old and when he got a big boy bed (Thomas the Train, of course!), he needed a new quilt to celebrate the occasion.  My hubby found some pretty cute train fabric at Joann a few months before and we bought some, with nothing in particular in mind about how to use it.  I decided to go with a simple patchwork using large squares (finishing at 10″ each).


He loves blankets, which makes me super happy as a quilter!  He would probably roll around in them all day if we let him…


I made the backing using what was left, but I forgot to take a photo of it.  It was bound in a solid blue that I also picked up at Joann.


I sent this one to Dan’s aunt & uncle to quilt on their longarm.

Quilt Stats
Name: Bug’s Train Quilt
Size: about 50″ x 50″
Pattern: patchwork squares
Fabric: trains found at Joann
Quilting: Uncle Gary
Started: ?
Finished: ?

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