Chevron Overload Tote

I am absolutely smitten with the Art Student Tote bag from Anna Maria Horner.  I made one and didn’t get a photo of it before I started using it and now it’s looking pretty rough.  I made another one with Riley Blake Chevron fabric.



See?  Smitten.

The pattern is so easy to follow.  It took me a little less than 9 hours total to finish this bag.  Started on July 6, 2013 and finished July 8, 2013.  Once it was done, the bag was so pretty and crisp that I didn’t want to use it and mash up the fabric on the handles or let any other signs of wear show.  But I finally caved and brought it with us to the Great Forest Park Balloon Race this year.  It held a sweatshirt for each of us, Dan, Eli, and myself, plus other odds and ends so it was stuffed pretty full, but it all fit inside!


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