A Little Quilt for Baby Self

I started and finished this baby quilt within a week! This was the first baby quilt I’ve made, so it was a lot of fun to play with and plan.

Baby Self's Quilt

All of the prints came from my scraps and stash. I tried to pull colors based on items from their registry, but it evolved so much into its own that it no longer resembles those things. I don’t mind things not matching. Hope they don’t either!

The gray background fabric is Kona Coal I believe, but don’t quote me on that. I’m not big on keeping track of the names of solids until I need to match one. Then, I have no way to figure it out and I wonder why I don’t keep track of them somehow. So I start to wonder how I could even do it and that’s usually when the cycle starts over…

The photo below is my little guy holding the finished top up for me to share on Instagram. I wanted to share this one (even though it was taken inside my sewing room) because I couldn’t get a photo of the whole thing finished without laying it on the ground.

Finished baby quilt top

I even did the quilting on my own machine! That doesn’t happen very often because my little Brother Innov-is doesn’t like quilting anything larger than this. I tried a lap sized quilt a few months ago, hoping I could manage it. My machine said quite firmly, “No.” I did diagonal lines across the prints. When I began quilting it, I was afraid of messing it up either from my inexperience or the machine’s stubbornness. I was really surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did and that the lines were actually straight enough to be called straight. Nice!

I used the Citrus & Mint tutorial from Craft Buds. It was super quick and fun!

This has already gone to the parents-to-be this past Sunday but I wasn’t able to attend because I had signed up for a workshop from Elizabeth Hartman that day. I gave Dan strict orders to watch them open their gift and report back to me whether they liked it or not. He texted me, “They were blown away!” That was more of a relief to me than actually finishing the quilt on time!


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